About Me

Hello! I'm Sheridan Parsons, a homefinder and estate agent specialising in canalside properties.

About Me

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Hello! I'm Sheridan Parsons, a homefinder and estate agent specialising in canalside properties, in the West Midlands and a bit beyond.

I live in a canalside home by Glascote Locks in Tamworth. I'm a bit quirky, in fact I'm quite public about the fact that I am presumed to have Asperger’s, although I’ve never been officially diagnosed. I launched my little independent estate agency in 2021, the year I turned 60! I only keep a small portfolio of properties for sale so I can offer my clients a really personal one to one service. I am a Canal and River Trust volunteer, so I'm often out and about in my CRT uniform.

For a long time now, I've been helping people to find canalside properties for sale, and many of my followers have successfully bought a property which they found through my mailing lists and social media activity. I mainly focus my property searches on Staffordshire, the Trent and Mersey up to Shardlow, the Coventry Canal down to Bedworth, the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal, and the Ashby Canal, but sometimes I meander beyond these areas.  

I usually publish posts on this website and send them out by email about once a week. I don't run to an accurate timetable. Sometimes I'm inspired to write more, and sometimes I have to prioitise my clients and my family!

The property lists are always arranged in descending price order, with links to Rightmove. They are all on the market at the time of posting. I can't include other agents' images due to copyright, but I do sometimes include my own photos.

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This was when I had long hair!

My Books

In my spare time I write books about local history, genealogy, and the home. You can find all my books on Amazon.

I designed my Narrowboat Log Book because I couldn't find one I liked! Other people have been selling rip-off copies on Amazon which have knocked mine off the top spot, so if you buy one, pretty please could you give it a review so that it goes back up the rankings? Thanks!

My husband Mike has written some murder mysteries based on the canals.

I am currently editing my mother's autobigraphy, 'Greenwich Girl', but I have a long list of projects in the pipeline!

Thank you so much for joining me here!

Sheridan Parsons